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Spring toys are an alternative to the classic garden game. It is a rather simple structure able to move thanks to a spring. They are made especially for the entertainment of the little ones. At the time of purchase, the same retailer will indicate to the customer the age range for use because, by allowing it to be used by older children, the same game may not be safe. They are made keeping in mind all the necessary rules so that the child can have fun without problems. Even the paints used to color them comply with certain standards.


Those who want to diversify the assortment of garden toys certainly cannot do without taking a look at spring toys. They are generally also found in parks, so the child should already be used to using them. It is a structure that springs up thanks to the movement of the child, it is a game with a rather reduced height and reproduces different forms of animals. The colors certainly attract the attention of the child who wants to try it immediately. The presence of the parent is important so that he can explain to the child himself how the game works and above all monitor it in case it should fall. It is therefore a rather simple structure, where the side part is made of colored wood and reproduces the image of an animal or whatever, the child sits on a comfortable seat and holding on to a small handlebar can swing without problems. When you decide to buy the spring toy to install it in your private garden, you need to have enough space for the child to have fun. Furthermore, in the area around this area dedicated to garden games, there must be no dangers. It is the parent's job to properly fix the spring play on the ground. The fixing is done through a series of bolts that prevent the game from becoming dangerous for the child and above all make it resistant even to strong gusts of wind. Since this is an outdoor game that is not disassembled during the winter period, it must be emphasized that every part that composes it is treated in such a way that it can be resistant even to sudden temperature changes. Of course the lateral part made of wood after several years could darken and therefore require small adjustments that can also be carried out by the customer himself. When you decide to buy spring games, you need to consider the age of the child to see if they are still suitable, otherwise you will need to concentrate on other games.

Where to buy

Spring toys are sold in games that deal with garden games. Not everyone has this category available because it is certainly less in demand than the swing or the slide. Only at a well-stocked sales point it will also be possible to find spring toys. The same retailer will indicate to the customer the age range that allows the child to use this game and explain to them how to install it correctly in the garden. Before the child gets on the game, in order to use it, it is advisable to check its stability. If there are two small children in the house, it would be advisable to buy two different spring toys to prevent them from fighting. At the time of purchase we realize how diversified the offer is for garden games, since it is a sector that expands its range of products every year. Of course there are some that are traditional and others more innovative.


The costs related to spring games depend on the game chosen. To get a clearer idea, go directly to the sales points or consult the internet. In this case the network offers the opportunity to simultaneously open several pages dealing with the sale of garden games to find the site that offers spring games at the best price. The order is made directly by the customer and can be carried out at any time of the day, delivery takes place at home. Should you become aware of any defect related to the spring game, the customer must exercise the right of withdrawal. Of course there is a deadline to exercise this right and for this reason it is preferable to install the game immediately after delivery to verify that it corresponds to what was ordered and that it does not have any defective elements.

Garden games: spring toys

Although most spring games are considered the classic games found in various parks or public gardens, you can definitely opt to set up this simple game in your garden. However, we need to know that this type of game is divided into age groups. There are in fact spring toys for small children, so with all the necessary protections and features of animals or means of transport, and spring toys for older children such as two-seat games or spring-loaded platforms. Whatever type of game you choose, one thing is certain, fun for young and old is guaranteed.


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