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Outdoor lamps have special features that allow these objects to be placed in the garden. The function of the outdoor lamp is essentially to illuminate, but today thanks to the new forms and the search for materials, it also takes on the role of furnishing with style the garden.

The plastic

Plastic is certainly the most suitable material for an outdoor lamp: it is easy to clean, resists bad weather, breaks only because of very strong impacts, it can also be chosen in the colored variant. The cleaning of the plastic can be carried out with water and detergent, avoiding the water entering the lamp, as it could damage it. For a thorough cleaning the lamp could also be disassembled, but it is important to always ask the retailer how to disassemble it and whether it may be appropriate or not. Many believe that plastic can be treated without too much foresight, but there are substances that could irreparably damage it. The plastic used for outdoor lamps can be either transparent or opaque. In the transparent version the plastic allows light to be perfectly filtered without any problem, while in the opaque version the diffused light takes on a different, more suffused light dispersion.

The type of light bulb

The degree of luminous intensity is also given by the power of the same bulb that is used. Then there is the choice between bulbs for cold light or bulbs for warm light. These are small precautions that allow you to have light points in the garden that are different from each other. For those who like to use light as a piece of furniture, outdoor lamps make it possible to realize this desire, they can be positioned in any way and can offer the effect you want most. It is important to keep in mind that it is good to avoid too strong use of light in outdoor spaces, since otherwise you risk recreating an unpleasant 'day effect'.

The glass

Glass is another material used to make outdoor lamps. However, since it is a very fragile material, some attention is required because the chandelier itself could be damaged. Generally, very simple suspensions are chosen, perhaps made with a wrought iron structure that makes the space even more characteristic.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron is a material that lends itself quite well to any kind of work, therefore the chandelier could possibly be commissioned also to a locksmith. The choice of the model must always bear in mind the location in an external environment and what it entails. It must of course be fixed to an axis to allow also the passage of electric cables to feed it.

Solar power supply

Floor lamps are a very interesting alternative, even more so if they are powered by solar energy. The shape of these latter models is very essential but fulfills its function very satisfactorily. The absence of costs related to the traditional current allows us to choose it as a valid alternative solution. Lamps in common language embody a classic form, but for the external environment there are many new features. We must also include the streetlights in the sector, both on the ground and on the wall, the spotlights, and all that can create a luminous effect.

Oil lamps

A model with a certain nostalgic vein is the famous oil lamps. Today they remain an element anchored in past traditions, which, however, bring to the sector an element much loved by many. At the second-hand shops you can still find the classic models that can be used to light up the table during a dinner with friends.


The lamps allow you to create special atmospheres and experience the green space in a unique and complete way. The choice of garden lamps can also be distributed over time. It is essential to buy only the necessary light points and then eventually to buy modern lamps that can blend with the elements already in use. For modern lamps we refer to the many models with a minimalist style that are on the market, characterized by the strangeness of the shape that draws the attention and curiosity of the customer.

Design elements

For this reason, design, in the field of outdoor lamps, is within everyone's reach, and is combined with outdoor furniture that always experiments with new forms and materials. Research is aimed at offering a product that is increasingly in harmony with nature and that uses a combustible material that does not damage the atmosphere. Today retailers for outdoor furniture dedicate a particular attention to lighting because it is an important sector that improves and changes without ever forgetting the current trends that also capture the attention of young people, for a garden full of creativity and of light as a furnishing element.

Outdoor lamps: Garden lighting: Outdoor lamps

The outdoor lamps are made of weatherproof material such as thunderstorms, rain or even with the presence of a powerful sun. They are designed to be placed in your own garden during the whole year and decide for yourself whether or not to put them into operation and above all decide when to put them. Their purchase can be made in specialized shops, in shopping centers or on the internet. The important thing is that a very accurate and decisive choice is made because the lamps are an important part of the aesthetics of the entire garden that you own. They are characterized by different sizes and shapes and are chosen freely and based on how much light you want to give in your garden.


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