Garden furniture

Steel gates


When you decide to install a gate, you usually prefer to buy it with the same material as the fence. Today, steel is widely used in this sector as it proves to have specific characteristics that make it particularly suitable for long-term exposure to the weather without suffering any damage.


As for the style to be given to the steel gate, there are so many different models to choose from. It starts from the simplest models made with a rather classic style up to the most decorated models. Depending on the type of house, but especially according to the customer's tastes, the initials of the owner can be inserted on the top of the steel gate. Steel has high characteristics of resistance and durability over time, two fundamental requisites for an element that is found to be perpetually exposed to temperature changes and weathering. The classic color of steel is gray, a color that matches the style of those who prefer a type of gate that is not too imposing. The choice is so vast that it sometimes creates difficulties. To overcome this problem it is possible to combine the choice of the gate with that of the fence, in order to have a unique style and to give an overall appearance to the unitary and aesthetically pleasing structure. Steel processing can also carry out a specific customization of the gate where the manufacturing company allows it. This means that the customer can decide, beyond the models presented through the catalog, to request a more particular design to decorate his gate.

Swing gates

The steel gate must always be installed by skilled workers and can be made either with hinged or sliding doors. When it comes to a steel gate made with hinged doors, a fundamental role is played by the columns that must support the weight of the door itself. In the case of sliding gates, a sufficiently large space is needed where the single leaf must slide to allow opening. For these reasons, when deciding to orientate yourself on steel gates, it is always preferable to contact a specialized center for a worker to be able to make an inspection and verify which of the two models may be most suitable.

Automatic and manual opening

The steel gate can have a manual or automatic opening and closing. In the case of manual opening, the gate will be equipped with a lock to be able to close it, and if a large handle is sliding it will help these operations. If you decide to automate the steel gate, the comfort is really obvious because you can operate the gate directly from inside the house by connecting it to the intercom, or from your own machine, using a special remote control, without having to go down to open it or shut it. Obviously, in the event of any failure or lack of electricity, the gate can still be opened or closed by manual operation, which in such situations allows it to still enter and leave its home. The steel gate is firmly fixed in the ground, and the installation workers must always test the effective and correct operation of the gate first.


The steel gate can be chosen both in the machined version, which however allows to see inside the home or in the completely closed version. The gate at the back has a complete closure that prevents you from seeing beyond. To know the prices for steel gates, you must take into account the choice of the model, its size, and the choice to make it automatic or not. In the latter case, the mechanical automation will certainly increase the cost of the gate itself. It is possible to get an idea of ​​the prices by going directly to the sales points, where there is also the possibility of realizing how vast the steel gates sector is to be able to compare it to that of gates made of other materials and thus choose the model that actually best matches your tastes. Leafing through the catalog it is possible to see how the gate will look once installed and then view the final result of the work.

Steel gates: Repair of faults

In the event of a violent impact, the steel gate may be damaged which, if repairable, does not entail the purchase of a new gate. Such damage can be caused only by rather violent impacts. Usually the malfunctions related to the operation depend on the electrical part and can be easily solved with the help of an electrician.