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The garden houses are structures that in the shape resemble small houses, made of different materials, and can be used both as a storage room and as a small shelter to have in your own garden. They are often bought because there is no garage or not enough space to store the necessary tools for the garden, and since it is a fairly large volume of objects, they cannot be stored in an outdoor cabinet. In other cases, they fulfill the specific function of home and therefore represent the ideal place to place a small kitchen to have everything you need, even in the garden, or as a space for guests to sleep. There is therefore no specific function, but each one can adapt it to your needs.
The garden houses are medium-sized buildings made of wood; this type of construction can be realized in various dimensions: from the small environment in which to insert the garden tools, up to the real house.
While it is possible to create garden houses starting from raw materials, many companies present catalogs of small houses in assembly kits, which are easy to compose and to place in the garden.

Models and materials

In the field of garden houses we can find many articles, suitable for those with large gardens and large spaces, and also for those who want to make the most of a small green corner; garden sheds are generally produced in wood, using materials suitable for being exposed to the elements; obviously the thickness of the walls, complements such as windows or doors, and also the method with which the wood is treated, influence the final cost of these constructions.
For a small house that lasts over time, it is advisable to choose a good material, thick and treated both with an impregnating agent and in an autoclave, so that our small house will not be damaged over time.
In any case it is necessary to build the house on a solid base, possibly slightly raised from the ground, and periodically apply an impregnating treatment, so that it can last unchanged over the years.
On the market we can find large catalogs of garden houses; from small woodshed, up to large villas with patio and division into several rooms. Before deciding which one to include in our garden it is good to consider at best our needs and also the spaces we have. Surely these houses have a fairly high cost, and the construction takes time and space, so once you have chosen and purchased a little house we will hardly change it quickly, so it is good to consider the best one to buy.

Wooden models

The wooden garden shed is undoubtedly very characteristic in its structure and in its form, it is made entirely of wood and this allows for extreme comfort because the wood is also very resistant, as well as being a natural material that does not require of particular attention. The structure of the house can be composed of entire slabs of wood or large planks placed side by side. It consists of four sides, a roof, a door and usually a window. The soil is also made of wood, the structure is sold in the classic color but could be painted in any color. Ecological and quite spacious, it is a very useful element for those with available space. The size is approximately 5 square meters, can be purchased already assembled or can be easily composed by itself. On the market there are different versions, which are distinguished by their size, by the presence of shutters at the window or not, or by the shelter in front of the entrance door. It is also interesting to use as a hobby area where you can take refuge to devote yourself to your passion, without being disturbed. Some companies offer the possibility of customizing the garden shed, while others offer only the models featured in the catalog.

Plastic models

The garden houses are mainly made of wood, but there are also plastic models. The structure is identical, only the material used changes. Many are opposed to the idea of ​​inserting a plastic structure, or rather PVC, into a natural space, such as the garden, since it is a very visible structure; others, on the other hand, find it perfect to place in a garden, because it allows to have many comforts and also additional elements such as a canopy. It is simply an alternative to the wooden house, although a natural material is not used to make it. For many it represents an important place, where you can take refuge even in winter, to be in contact with nature. Considering that these garden sheds can also be purchased through the internet, it should be stressed that it is easy to follow the assembly instructions. There are some models that offer a small storage space and next to it a wooden pergola to be used as a garage. When you decide to buy one, you need to evaluate the space you have available to choose a model that is not too bulky.

The interior

The inside of the structure is completely empty, to allow the customer to fill it as he sees fit. He will be able to insert some containers, mount some shelves, equip it with electricity, and also insert a fridge. This type of garden houses takes the standard model of houses made of wood. They are useful for those who want to have everything in order in their own garden, but also for those who want to get a corner of peace surrounded by greenery. For the wooden version, solid wood of good quality is always used and this is synonymous with guarantee and durability over time. It is the same thickness of the wood that also determines a different cost. It should not be forgotten that even in these houses it is possible to have an internal and external lighting system. If the garden was still in the planning stage and you want to include a garden shed, it is a good idea to prepare the space in advance with the possible installation.

Garden houses: Solid and robust

Sturdiness and robustness make the garden shed a small corner that will find children very funny too. The garden sheds are a product that is sold enough for their usefulness and for their guarantee, usually very extensive. The garden sheds, of course, can also be made to measure by a carpenter who will design them together with the customer and will also have to choose the wood to use. The costs in this case differ, but the choice of being able to create a custom-made garden shed allows it to be equipped from the outset with the internal structure that is deemed most appropriate. To get an idea of ​​the models on the market and their prices it is possible to surf the net and find different solutions.