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By brazier we mean that container in which the coals are placed, below the barbecue grill. This system obviously allows you to collect all the coals, and is therefore safer than turning on a barbecue directly on the ground, without any type of side protection. The brazier is made of materials that avoid the dispersion of heat, to make the coals burn faster and the grill to warm up soon. Depending on the size, the brazier may contain a different quantity of charcoal or wood. The wood burning brazier can also be inserted inside a fireplace or next to a classic hob; in this case you must also have space for the drawer where the ash will be collected.

Materials and cleaning

It can be made of either steel or cast iron, both of which are very resistant; the grid must be cleaned very frequently, also to avoid oxidation. Wood also guarantees food a particular taste, which can also be different depending on the type of wood used. With reference to the wood burning brazier, there are several models that vary their price in relation to the material used and their size. Cast iron is certainly the most widely used material, also because it guarantees excellent durability. It is not always advisable to clean the brazier with excessively aggressive detergents that could ruin the material.


The brazier is therefore a system able to release heat to cook dishes, but there are different models. The brazier, deviating from the classic one better known according to the barbecue, could also have a round shape. It is a circular structure inside which can be housed directly the burning coals, taken for example from the chimney, or wood; must be used in any case with great caution. Attention especially if children are present, because they could easily be burned even touching the external structure. This system can be used to warm up, but also to cook food, by placing a grill on it.

Correct use

Some versions also have a structure that supports the brazier, which can be made of different materials: often wrought iron is used because it can also give the brazier a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Being raised from the ground it is also more comfortable to use, moreover the external covering material undoubtedly contributes to make it visually more pleasant. Two practical handles allow it to be removed from the support and moved more easily.

Other precautions and maintenance

When using the brazier, before emptying it of the ash left, you must be sure that it is completely cold; better if this operation is performed the next day. The same applies to the barbecue brazier, which must be cleaned only when it is certain that the coals are completely extinguished. Furthermore, to remove any ash, a rag can be used or you can buy a small broom and a mini-scoop to collect it more easily. The brazier can also be used to keep food warm, perhaps by moving the grill to a different height. The brazier in cast iron must not be absolutely cleaned with water nor the coals must be turned off with water, because in this way in the long run it would tend to puncture. The cast iron brazier, if treated correctly, turns out to be really indestructible and so your barbecue will last really very long. Inside the brazier a combustion is created that necessarily requires an open environment where it can be used.

Brazier yesterday and today

Today the brazier is certainly less known than it used to be, when it was also used to heat rooms; however, the charcoal diffuses an odor that may be unpleasant for some. Alternatively, the brazier can also be used inside a fireplace, since there is a flue that tends to 'suck' smoke and anything else.

Optimal location

Kitchen braziers are substantially similar, only the place where they are used changes. When it comes to a masonry kitchen it is necessary to establish in advance where to insert the brazier, to guarantee it an adequate position. Placing it later will only be possible when there is still more space available. Letting yourself be advised on the type of brazier to buy in relation to the place where it will be inserted allows you to make the best choice and to have a brazier that will certainly last a long time. The maintenance of the barbecue brazier must be performed scrupulously otherwise, once damaged, it will be impossible to recover it.

Barbecue: Brazier

A word that evokes truly incredible suggestions.
Like the warmth of a fireplace, a romantic dinner, an afternoon with friends in the mountain hut or in the favorite farmhouse eating natural foods offered by nature.
All this happens mainly because the brazier was very common at the time of our grandmothers and replaced the fireplace when the fireplace was not at home and replaced it
With the term braciere is indicated the container inside which the fuel (usually coal) is placed for the embers.
But the brazier has become a term of common use that identifies the object and not its content.
Still used in some cases to heat the house as well as for cooking food.