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Installation of an outdoor floor

Installation of an outdoor floor

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When you intend to tile an outdoor space you must have clear ideas to choose the most suitable solution, because for each type of tile there is a different pose. The outdoor tile also has specific characteristics that make it particularly suitable for the outdoor environment, since it is able to withstand sudden changes in temperature and foot traffic. The customer only needs to find his way around tiles that are outdoor, otherwise you risk seeing them ruined in a short time. The size of the tile must be proportional to the space, because in a small space too large a tile certainly would not create a pleasant aesthetic effect. Moreover, the choice of color is also very important, because it influences the style of the garden itself. Outdoor terracotta is a material used with a certain frequency to tile the space surrounding the house. There are different types and qualities, but it is always preferable to focus on a product that can offer adequate durability over time. Precisely because of its particular appearance it is often used for the environments to which you want to give a more rustic look. In this case the garden itself will have well-defined contours from a rather classic line. For the laying of terracotta from outside it is advisable to turn to specialized sales points that are able to guarantee a good product and a good pose. It will be the customer together with the tiler to choose the layout of the tiles, so that the environment can take on a wider aspect to the eye than to another kind of composition. The width of the joints is equally important and this makes it possible to distance the tile from one another with a certain width. When, on the other hand, you decide to use ceramics, the flight that you define is rather narrow. Keeping in mind these particularities, the customer can make a choice that best matches his tastes. The choice of outdoor tile can also be supported by the vision of illustrative catalogs that are able to show the customer what the result will be when the laying is finished.


The customer who wishes to have a quote for the installation for his outdoor floor must request an inspection because the cost varies depending on the space that must be tiled and the choice of the tile to be used. In most cases it is decided to tile only the garden area dedicated to the dining area, but also the pool side where there was one. The tiles are also used for the terrace and external stairs. The surface to be tiled must be perfectly flat, ie without any hollow, and only then can you start with the tile laying operation. The latter, to show their original beauty, need to be washed after laying, also because during this phase they inevitably get dirty. Furthermore, depending on the type of tile chosen, it is necessary to ask what kind of cleaning to carry out using only specific detergents. The use of aggressive substances could damage the flooring, especially if it is glossy surfaces. A special care must be shown when the area surrounding the pool must be paved, because it is necessary to choose a very precise material that does not undergo any kind of heating when it is exposed to the sun and that is non-slip for greater safety. For this reason it is recommended for this realization to exclusively request materials specifically designed for this function. The times for laying a floor certainly vary depending on the space that needs to be tiled. Generally, since it is an external job it is performed above all during the spring and summer periods to avoid the rain. Several times reference has been made to the importance of relying on people who are specialized in this sector, but if the customer has the necessary skill, he can also try to lay the tiles. In this way it will certainly save on labor.

Laying an outdoor floor: Who to contact

The companies specialized in this kind of work are able to deal with the laying of any kind of tile. Contacts can also be found by consulting the Internet, by contacting websites that specifically deal with this sector. Before starting work, you must have clear ideas regarding the choice of tiles and their layout. Furthermore it is good to remember that, by choosing a tile of good quality, it will remain unchanged in its beauty for a long time.


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