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The hammock is a special 'bed' that is used to lie down or to sleep. Its history has very ancient origins, it was born in the Caribbean and from there it spreads to the rest of the world. The hammock is basically a seat in rope or cloth net, held suspended by means of two cords tied to two trees. Being a primordial structure, invented essentially for sleeping avoiding lying directly on the ground, it is very simple and essential in its composition. What has made the hammock particularly interesting, so as to make it an element that contributes to the furnishing of the garden, is its function: we sit, lie down, relax or sleep. The hammock can also be interpreted as a play element for children, especially if chosen in a fun and colorful fabric. If set correctly it is not absolutely dangerous, also because the height at which it is set is not very relevant. A hammock from one place can also accommodate two children.

The hammock in fabric or rope

The hammock is placed in the garden and can be made of fabric or rope. The fabric is usually cotton, the arms to tie it are in nylon, and sometimes it can also be larger, so that it can accommodate two people. Allows you to generate a very pleasant slow swinging movement, and if you prefer to increase comfort, a cushion can also be used. The arms are firmly fixed to the trunk of the trees, and this makes it very safe. It can be chosen in different colors, without any restrictions. The fabric can also be machine washed and is very durable. During the winter the hammock must be dismantled, otherwise the rain would damage it. The hammock made of rope has a wide, very resistant weave that allows it to support even a high weight. It is much more characteristic than the hammock made of fabric, since it seems to give a touch of wildness to the garden.

The hammock mounted on a structure

The hammock is often found also as a piece of furniture for the interior, perhaps in a space of the house that is quite large and little used. This could be a convenient way to use them all year round. In fact, in addition to being composed of a seat and arms to be fixed to poles or trees, the hammock can also be mounted on a structure. The latter is usually made of wood and the fabric that forms the hammock is applied to it. It is a very comfortable solution even when it has to be dismantled because the base can be, in some cases, even foldable, and this avoids taking up too much space. The hammock is able to create a space that through imagination leads to distant and exotic places. This is why it is often mounted next to the pool. The choice of the model with the arms or with the self-supporting structure depends mainly on the taste of those who purchase it and also on the availability or otherwise of trees in the garden where to fix it.

New forms and materials

The classic hammocks are identified mainly in the two models described above, but it is also necessary to include innovative models that use new forms and materials. Iron is a material that lends itself very well to creating any shape and has also been used to make the structure of the hammock. Left in its natural color, it gives it a truly unusual appearance. The structure can also be combined with a small canopy, made with very light fabrics that allow you to protect yourself from insects in the garden. Moreover, by adding a comfortable pillow, it is really similar to a bed and in this case the rest is assured. A very recurrent trend in modern design is to equip the hammock with a self-supporting canopy structure, to make it much more complete and to furnish the garden in a different way. In this case, the hammock can accommodate up to two people and the canopy structure is made of wood. The materials used are very resistant to the elements and this model of hammock is made in such a way that it is also very easy to take it apart.


For those who have the opportunity to recreate a marine space, with lots of sand, the hammock is an element that cannot be missed, it gives a touch of class in addition to creating a very pleasant relaxation corner. The cushions for the hammocks are sold together with the hammock itself or can be purchased later.

Hammock garden furniture: Costs

The hammock, depending on the model you choose, may have a more or less accessible cost. The classic models, both in rope and in fabric, have a fairly affordable cost and are sold with a kit that allows them to be easily mounted. Iron or canopy hammocks are real pieces of furniture and therefore the cost is quite high. In the latter two cases the structure surrounding the hammock can also be custom built. Colorful, solid, classic or modern, the hammock remains a sweet bed where you can relax and laze.


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