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Christmas Star

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Christmas Star:

A plant of central American origin, belonging to the euphorbia genus, is called a Christmas star. It is a semi succulent plant, which produces large bracts typically red, but there are in commerce varieties with white, pink or striped bracts. This plant does not particularly like apartment living; in order to enjoy flowers and leaves it is advisable to place it in a poorly heated room, in any case away from heat sources, such as fireplaces or radiators. The soil must always be kept fairly humid, although it is advisable to wait for it to dry slightly between the waterings. The poinsettias love a good environmental humidity, but it is good to avoid spraying the hair with water, because it would risk ruining or staining the leaves; It is therefore advisable to place a humidifier close to the plant, or a basin with water, or simply spray water in the room where the plant is present, at least a couple of times a day. To allow the Christmas star to produce the large colored bracts each year, it is essential that this plant receives little light every day, no more than 4-5 hours, whether it is sunlight or artificial light. So starting from the end of October we will have to cover the plant with a dark fabric hood every day and only let it be discovered 4-5 hours each day. Or we can place it in a not too bright corner of the house, in a room where artificial light is never turned on.


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