Selective weed treatment

Selective weed treatment

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Selective weed treatment:

Weeds are essences, often annual, that grow easily in the turf, absorbing the water and the nutrients we supply to the plants
of grass of our lawn; often these plants have an unpleasant appearance, which is badly suited to the aesthetics of the lawn, moreover being annual, they often die in winter,
leaving real holes in the turf.
There are herbicides that discourage or even stop the development of these plants; these are chemical products that are absorbed by the leaf page of the broad-leaved weeds,
while they leave the leafy plants undisturbed, like the most common essences for the lawn.
Proceed when weeds are clearly visible in the turf and well developed; the application must be carried out with the dry lawn, and it is good to check that it is well covered
the entire leaf page of the plants to be weeded: generally a shoulder pump is used. There is the possibility of coloring the mixture of herbicide and water, in order to better see which parts of the lawn have been sprayed.
Weeds treated with these products will completely dissolve over a few days, and can be removed easily, using a rake with thick teeth.