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Shrub of medium or large size, the most widespread species in Italy is the pitosforo tobira; has evergreen leaves, spatula-shaped, which develop into bunches, shiny and slightly leathery; it is a rustic and vigorous shrub, which tends to adapt even in non-ideal cultivation conditions. In any case it is advisable to position the pitosforo in a very sunny place, it prefers rich and deep soils, very well drained, as the excesses of water tend to favor the development of radical rot; let's avoid watering the plant excessively, but in any case let's water it during the hottest months of the year, especially in the case of specimens grown in pots or during particularly dry periods. The plant produces tiny flowers, at the apex of the branches, delicately scented; pruning takes place after flowering, shortening the entire crown by about a third, in order to make the shrub more dense and compact