Leaf asparagus

Leaf asparagus

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Leaf asparagus:

Many plants belong to the asparagus genus, some of which are used as ornamental ornamental plants, commonly called asparagine. These are small shrubs,
equipped with thin stems, often hanging; the foliage is needle-like, bright green, very pleasant and decorative.
They are grown in not excessively large containers, with a soft and light soil, quite draining; they prefer well-lit positions, but not directly sunny. They are grown at home, or in the garden during the summer.
They need regular watering, so as to avoid leaving the soil dry for prolonged periods of time, we also avoid excesses, especially in winter.
Periodically we remove at the base the ruined branches or with the dried tips, in order to favor the development of new branches. Every 2-3 years we replace the vase with a larger container
also changing all the terrain. If desired we can divide the head of leaves and roots, so as to obtain two plants.


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