Wood consolidating treatment

Wood consolidating treatment

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Wood consolidating treatment:

The consolidating treatment is carried out on ancient wood, to restore its solidity and to preserve it over time. It is a question of filling the gaps caused by the woodwinds with flexible and solid material, so as to be able to use the wooden structure even if it is very compromised; these gaps are filled using various types of synthetic resins, which are diluted in acetone, nitro solvent or other solvents. The quickest method would consist in repeated immersion of the product in the solution of resin and solvent, but in general this is not possible, due to the size of the wood to be treated, or due to the fact that not all the wood can withstand total immersion in a fluid. Then proceed by spreading the resin solution onto the piece of wood, using a well-soaked brush, so as to let the resin penetrate as deeply as possible; several passages are practiced, at the end of each of which the external surface of the wood is cleaned with a soft cloth, soaked in the same solvent used to dissolve the resin, so as to prevent it from settling on the surface of the product; it is left to dry and then the operation is repeated several times.