To grow areca

To grow areca

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Cultivate areca:

The areca is a palm of tropical origin, very often cultivated in the apartment. It has large fronds consisting of long, dark green ribbon-like leaves with a papyrus consistency; the plant, even in pots, can reach considerable dimensions, up to 2-3 meters in height, even if grown in the apartment. It prefers well-lit positions, but we avoid direct sunlight, which could ruin the foliage. Given the important dimensions we are looking for a position that is well suited to this plant, which tends to produce little foliage if continuously touched or affected by the passage of people. Generally the areche come for convenience placed in a corner; if we are forced to this type of position we try to remember to rotate the vase periodically, to avoid that half of the plant is constantly turned towards the wall and therefore exposed to poor ventilation and very little light. The areche need regular watering, but before bathing we check with the hands if the ground is well dry in depth, therefore we supply enough water to moisten the substratum contained in the vase. Especially during the hottest months and during the winter every 3-4 days we vaporize the foliage with demineralized water, to increase the environmental humidity and to clean the fronds of dust.