Planting of shrubs with mulching cloth

Planting of shrubs with mulching cloth

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Planting shrubs with mulching cloth:

To avoid the development of weeds around the shrubs it is possible to place them with mulching cloth that covers the area of ​​soil around the stem. We proceed by working the soil thoroughly in the area where we intend to place the plant, enriching it with a good dose of manure and fresh and rich soil, so as to allow a rapid and healthy development of the root system. Then we prepare the mulching material; it is advisable to use a resistant cloth, such as a plastic fabric, which can remain at home for a few years. This material should be positioned similar to twice the size of the crown of the shrub that we want to plant. Before positioning it, we practice two crossed cuts in the center, equal to the bread of earth that is found around the roots of our shrub. Then we spread the fabric on the ground and fix it with metal jumpers or pegs, which will be inserted deep into the ground, avoiding leaving bits or parts that protrude from the ground. We widen the edges of the cross made in the center of the fabric and with the spade we dig a hole to position the shrub; then we plant the plant by covering the roots with a good amount of land; reposition the edges of the mulching fabric, fix them with jumpers and press the ground with your foot, so as to compact it a little.