Bromelia cultivation

Bromelia cultivation

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Bromelia cultivation:

Bromeliads are plants of tropical origin, widely cultivated as houseplants; these are evergreen plants, consisting of a narrow rosette of fleshy leaves, at the center of which rises an inflorescence consisting of showy bracts, among which small flowers bloom. In nature these plants live in warm places, with good environmental humidity; also in the apartment we try to place them in a temperate place, where the winter minimum does not fall below 15 ° C, and where they can enjoy good lighting, but not direct sunlight. These plants do not like moist soil, but they do like high environmental humidity; then water them sparingly, only when the soil is dry, or we supply water by filling the glass that is formed between the fleshy leaves. However, remember to always keep the ambient humidity high, often vaporizing the plant throughout the year; or we position the vase in a vase-holder filled with expanded clay, which we will keep moist by often inserting small quantities of water in the vase holder. The inflorescence of bromeliads takes weeks, sometimes months, to produce all the flowers; at the end of flowering it dries and dies, often causing the death of the plant that generated it; in this case we remove the inflorescence but we keep the plant, which generally will produce new shoots that will develop around the mother plant, which will disappear leaving space for new plants.