Aromatic herbs garden

Aromatic herbs garden

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Aromatic herbs garden:

The aromatic plants are mostly of European origin and are cultivated without problems also in the garden or in pots. A good part of the most used plants, such as: thyme, sage and rosemary, are small evergreen shrubs, which prefer sunny positions; let's settle them down so in full sun, in not excessively rich, very well drained soil; rosemary does not need watering; as for sage and thyme instead, remember to moisten the soil during the hottest periods of the year. The other aromatic herbs are also perennial and evergreen, but the young vegetation is more aromatic and fragrant; then rocket, parsley and basil are grown as annuals. We work well the plot of the plot where we want to grow them, adding rich substrate and manure; we level the ground well and moisten it thoroughly; then we sow the aromatic plant we have chosen; remember to keep the soil moist until complete germination of the seeds; later we water sporadically. To obtain a lush harvest we avoid sowing our aromatic plants in an excessively sunny plot, preferring a semi-shaded position, which receives sunlight only in the early hours of the day. To always have fresh plants we can also practice sowing to climb: as soon as the first sowing is ready for harvest we sow other plants, in order to always use young aromatic plants.