Violet Satina

Violet Satina

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The Violet satina is a very low groundcovering rose with wide and arched growth. The foliage appears light green, very shiny while the flowers have a rather light purple-fuchsia shade. It is a variety also suitable for growing in pots, gardens and colored compositions. Generally, it is not attacked by pests and diseases.
Planting: 4 plants / m2.

Violet Satina: Cultivation

The ground cover is a particularly resistant species that can easily develop without any particular cultivation needs. These plants are also referred to as ground cover roses due to their ability to cover large tracts of land and develop horizontally. Violet satina is a blossoming rose, rustic that prefers a sunny exposure and rather mild temperatures to grow at its best. Thanks to its resistance, it can also withstand the intense cold of winter. It can reach a maximum height of 30-40 cm in full soil but is also suitable for growing in pots. As for pruning, it is good to do it in February to give the plant a definite shape.