Rosa Barock

Rosa Barock

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BAROCK ® News 2000
The Barock rose is a wonderful creeper that is part of the "nostalgic" roses. The flowers, two-colored, apricot-yellow, are double, full of petals: they have a long flowering. The foliage is dark green, very dense and extremely resistant to diseases. It has a very fast growth and is also indicated to be cut. A very fragrant variety appreciated for its particularity.
It can reach up to 250/300 cm in height and can be used to decorate bare and anonymous anchors.

Rosa Barock: Grow the Barock rose

This type of roses is also suitable for those who have no particular gardening skills; it does not need excessive maintenance, except those that are currently applied to all roses, such as pruning at the end of winter, to eliminate dry and damaged branches and a fertilizer with slow-release products in early spring.
Roses are usually hardy and resistant plants and this variety also has good resistance to diseases, with no weaknesses to monitor.
Important, for the best development, is to choose a bright place, in which the plant can enjoy sunlight for a few hours a day and check that the soil is not too calcareous and compact, able to prevent the passage of water.