Rosa Mildred Scheel


This rose won the ADR award. The virtuous black buds bloom very slowly to open up into large, full flowers and a shining velvety dark red color. The duration of the flowers is very long. Its foliage is dark green, very vigorous.
It is a variety that gives off a pleasant scent and is well suited to growing in pots, usually reaching 90/110 cm in height. It is also used as a cut flower.
The leaves of these roses are shiny dark green and contrast well with the beauty of the vigorous red flowers.

Rosa Mildred Scheel: Growing roses

The Mildred Scheel rose is a hybrid of tea that is characterized by full-bodied red flowers, ideal both for coloring the garden and the terrace, and for creating beautiful floral compositions. For the cultivation of these roses it is not necessary to foresee difficult or strenuous interventions, but an important aspect to obtain the best in the cultivation of red wines is to pay attention to the type of soil chosen. To have a healthy and vigorous growth it is good to place the plants in a soft soil, which is rich in nutrients and which presents a high degree of drainage, since stagnant water can compromise the health of the roses. Also the place of cultivation is a fundamental factor; to have a good flowering it is good to place the roses in a bright area where direct sunlight can reach them for a few hours a day. If the summer climate is particularly hot, it is good to foresee a semi-shaded position.