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Myrtle: Generalities

The ancient Greeks believed that those who cultivated, those who seized myrtle, those who
he used to embellish the house and the clothes were accompanied by energy,
vigor and power. In Athens, winning men as athletes or victorious warriors
they wore their heads with a myrtle crown. Myrtle is a symbol of love and vitality. In the past it was seen as endowed with something magical: it is said that whoever touched it could be struck by a new and lasting passion. The mythology represents the myrtle plant dear to Venus, goddess of love and beauty, and Mirra's favorite plant; this at his feasts offered twigs of myrtle to married women, because they encompassed ankle wrists and head in order to draw desire and imagination in amorous relationships.
This value is still today attributed to the myrtle by the English; in fact it is a wish of complete love if inserted in the bouquet.