Black currant, Cassis - Ribes nigrum

Black currant, Cassis - Ribes nigrum

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Name: Ribes nigrum L.
Harvest: the fruits in summer, the leaves between April and June.
Properties: The leaves: antirheumatic, diuretic, hypotensive; the fruits: laxative and tonic.
Family: Sassifragacee.
Common names: Cassis, grapes and friars, black gooseberry.

Blackcurrant, Cassis - Ribes nigrum: Property

Habitat: Up to 1500 meters high in shady areas.
Parts used: Fruits and leaves.
Conservation: The fruits are used fresh, the leaves are dried in the shade.
Use: Internal use: infusion and dyeing of leaves; external use: application of the leaves against, insect bites, infusions of the leaves as an anti-congestion.
Notes: Blackcurrants are very acidic: they are rarely used naturally but in the preparation of jam and syrups.