Poppy, Rosemary - Papaver rhoeas

Poppy, Rosemary - Papaver rhoeas

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Name: Papaver rhoeas L.
Harvest: Between May and July.
Properties: decongestant, bechic, slightly sleeping, expectorant, calming.
Family: Papaveraceae.
Common names: Rusalena, papata rossa, petruccia, marusota, polera, rosoletta.

Poppy, Rosolaccio - Papaver rhoeas: Property

Habitat: It grows in fields up to 1700 meters.
Parts used: The petals, seeds and leaves.
Conservation: The petals are dried in the shade arranged in thin layers, the seeds in the sun and the leaves are used fresh.
Use: Internal use: infusion of petals and leaves; external use: infusion of petals for calming compresses.
Notes: poppy-based preparations must be taken only respecting the indicated doses: excessive use can cause poisoning.