Horseradish - Nasturtium armoracia

Horseradish - Nasturtium armoracia

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Name: Nasturtium armoracia Fries.
Family: Cruciferae.
Common names: Ravanasso, scurvy grass, horseradish, ravanet, strong grass.
Habitat: It does not grow spontaneously in Italy.
Parts used: The roots.

Horseradish - Nasturtium armoracia: Property

Harvest: In the warmer months.
Conservation: The roots are preserved in glass jars after being dried in the sun, or kept fresh under the ground covered with dry leaves.
Properties: Diuretic, stimulant, bechico, anticattarrale and digestive.
Use: Internal use: decoctions and dyes; external use: tinctures against rheumatic pains.
Notes: The use of this plant is forbidden to those who suffer problems with the stomach, intestines, nervous people in general and during pregnancy.