Chamomile - Matricaria camomilla

Chamomile - Matricaria camomilla

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Name: Matricaria camomilla L.
Family: Composite.
Common names: charcoal, maria, samariza, amareggiola, carcumiddu.
Habitat: It can be found in any environment below 250 meters, as long as it is sunny.
Parts used: All the flower.

Chamomile - Matricaria camomilla: Cultivation

Harvesting: In order to exploit all the beneficial properties of the flowers, the harvest must be done as soon as they open
Storage: They must be dried in places not directly exposed to the sun. They must therefore be stored in places that are not humid.
Properties: Anti-inflammatory, digestive, tonic, sedative, antineuralgic.
Use: External: useful infusions obtained from flowers against dental inflammation.
Notes: Chamomile flower infusions are useful for lightening hair and for eye health packs.