Beak beard - Tragopogon pratensis

Beak beard - Tragopogon pratensis

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Name: Tragopogon pratensis
Family: Composite
Common names: aio de pra, beard de pret, grass of the sun, minna of cow, persemolone, sassefriga, scanabech, spargi de pra.
Habitat: in the flat areas of the central north, up to two thousand meters.
Parts used: roots and leaves.

Beak beard - Tragopogon pratensis: Property

Harvest: the root must be harvested in the first year of the plant's life, in autumn or spring. While the leaves in the spring
Conservation: cut the roots into small slices and dry in the sun, then store in closed containers. The leaves should not be preserved as they are to be used only fresh.
Properties: aperitifs, purifying, diuretic, sudorific.
Internal use. decoction, alcoholic tincture of the root.
Notes: the leaves should be used only for food purposes and not for curative purposes