Sorrel - Rumex acetosa

Sorrel - Rumex acetosa

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Name: Rumex Acetosa Family: Polygonaceae
Common names: acetin, agrudulci, arzivula, brusca, papaciuco, peton, resegola, sarinella, trumbun, zanzora, zivorra di prà.
Habitat: Meadows and shores below 2000
Parts used: Leaves, stems, racidae.

Sorrel - Rumex acetosa: Sorrel cultivation

Harvest: leaves and stems in summer, the root in the autumn period.
Storage: Dry the leaves and stems in the dark in a ventilated place, cut the root into pieces and dry.
Properties: diuretic, febrifuge. The leaves are: antiscorbutic, purifying, digestive, laxative, refreshing, stomachic, tonic.
Use: Internal and external with infusions and decoctions; boil 50 g of sorrel in 1 l of water, use for compresses on inflamed areas. Prune the dose to 100 grams and pour the contents into the footbath or into the bathtub. Excellent for those suffering from excessive sweating.
Notes: ATTENTION, it is strongly advised against the use to those suffering from diseases of the renal and intestinal tract.