Margheritina, Pratolina - Bellis perennis

Margheritina, Pratolina - Bellis perennis

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Name: Bellis perennis L.
Family: Composite.
Common names: Marguerite, Campomillo, flower of light, poppa pot, galinella.
Habitat: Meadows and wetlands up to 2000 meters high.

Margheritina, Pratolina - Bellis perennis: Property

Parts used: Flowers, leaves and stems.
Harvest: From April to August.
Conservation: The plant must be dried in the shade and then stored in glass jars.
Properties: Refreshing, diuretic, tonic, healing, astringent, anti-inflammatory.
Use: Infusions for internal use; infusions of all the aerial parts of the plant for the preparation of rinses and gargles. Application of freshly picked flowers to cure boils.
Notes: This plant can also be used in the kitchen for the preparation of soups and salads