Grass star, Cloak of dew - Alchemilla mollis

Grass star, Cloak of dew - Alchemilla mollis

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Name: Alchemilla vulgaris
Family: Rosaceae
Common names: cottene, red grass, star grass, pen de lion.
Habitat: in mountainous areas up to 2600 meters
Parts used: leaves without stems

Grass star, Cloak of dew - Alchemilla mollis: Property

Storage: after drying the leaves in a well-ventilated place, store in paper bags.
Properties: antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory, astringent, healing, stomachic, sedative.
Use: Internal decoction.
External: washing, healing and disinfectants.
Notes: other uses
For footbaths: boil 100 grams liter and pour them into the hot water tub.
Firm the breast: boil 100 grams of liter and apply in the form of compresses.