Bonsai cuttings

Bonsai cuttings

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Question: Bonsai cuttings


Bonsai cuttings: Answer: Bonsai cuttings

Dear Angelo,
Thank you for contacting us about your bonsai questions via the Expert's column.
The union of the words Bon and Sai translated literally mean tree (Sai) and vase-tray (Bon), from which tree in vase. The art of bonsai is very ancient and in it many concepts are represented including the love of nature, cultivation techniques, the artistic sense and not least the spirituality.
The ability to emit roots from branches taken from the mother plant, constitutes the vegetative reproduction technique called taleaggio. This method allows to reproduce trees with the same characteristics as the donor. There are different ways to obtain cutting trees, including: woody, semi-woody, radical, leaf cutting. From the bonsai standpoint, woody and sometimes woody cuttings are taken into consideration. Woody cutting is a piece of branch meant in the vegetative season prior to the plant. It should be done in spring. The semi-woody cutting is instead a piece of almost herbaceous branch taken from the same year of planting. It should be performed at the end of August (agostato branch) In reality, with the use of a heated greenhouse, one can make cuttings all year round.
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