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Question: Bonsai

I wanted to ask one thing: I am very passionate about bonsai, but it is something new and I would like to know how to do it, just take normal plants or do you need special plants? And then how should we treat them?
Thanks for your attention.

Bonsai: Answer: Bonsai

Dear Sonia,
Thank you for contacting us about your bonsai questions via the Expert's column.
The union of the words Bon and Sai translated literally mean tree (Sai) and vase-tray (Bon), from which tree in vase. The art of bonsai is very ancient and in it many concepts are represented including the love of nature, cultivation techniques, the artistic sense and not least the spirituality.
Responding to his question, bonsai are made from trees or shrubs that at times the adverse conditions have left of small stature but of ancient age. This can be considered a good starting material and not a natural bonsai. Subsequently, a rough aerial pruning is done to eliminate the largest and most useless branches of the bonsai project to be realized. Subsequently the soil is clogged to the extent of the crown's projection and at this stage much attention must be paid to the state of the root system. The tree thus picked should be planted in a cultivation pot. Very briefly these are the general notions, to learn more about the art of bonsai we suggest you to buy some very valid specific books of Edagricole.
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