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Question: Ficus

My ficus has lost its leaves copiously this winter. Now it has stopped (thankfully) and is putting new leaves. My problem is now represented by watering. I water it every 15 days and regularly the next day 2-3 leaves fall. Is it water? IS'
too calcareous or too abundant? Help me ...

Ficus: Answer: Ficus

Dear Daniela,
Thank you for contacting us regarding the issue of your ficus plants through the Expert's column. The genus Ficus belongs to the Moracee family and is a green plant of tropical origin: this type of plant requires the environmental conditions of the country of origin to grow appropriately, among these the temperature stands out for its importance (the optimum must remain between the 22 and 28
° C). Have defoliation stages like the one you reported in the absence of
visible parasites, it is quite normal in winter and is usually caused by nutritional deficiencies associated with temperatures, light and humidity that are not appropriate for the type of plant. A minimum of 16 ° C is recommended for benjamina and is also important
do not place it near radiators and do not place it where there are currents of cold air. The lighting must be of medium intensity in the winter period
it means full light (and summer light). Watering in winter should be moderate, once every 7-10 days with lukewarm water (the soil should remain moist) while fertilizations should be continued precisely because the plant continues to grow even in winter. In summer, on the other hand, watering should be done no more than twice a
week. The ideal would be to be able to use rainwater, because tap water can leave lime deposits on the roots, slowing down the growth. Regarding the fall of 2-3 leaves after watering, this problem is not to be reported to it, but in spring it is natural that when the new leaves appear those already existing fall naturally. Together with the optimal setting recommendations for plant growth,
it must always be observed that the draining of the pot is perfectly efficient, because a stagnation of water completely deprives the vitality of the plant either from radical asphyxia, or from formation of rot.
Yours sincerely.