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Croton, guzmania, dracena

Croton, guzmania, dracena

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Question: Croton, guzmania and dracena

about two weeks ago I received a plant composition that included croton, dracena, guzmania and two other types.
I immediately noticed that the croton has collapsed leaves and, in fact, two have already fallen.
In a few weeks, when it will be a little warmer can I already separate all the plants and put them in different pots?
Settanni Rosanna

Croton, guzmania, dracena: Answer: Croton, guzmania and dracena

Dear Mrs. Rosanna,
Thank you for contacting us about plant problems via the expert's column on
Croton or Codieum belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family, and is an ornamental plant grown in pots due to the characteristic foliage that is of the expanded type and has a very varied coloration: from yellow striated green to reddish green.
The discoloration of the leaves followed by a loss of the same, in this species there is a symptom of nutritional deficiencies associated with poor lighting and water imbalances.
Together with a correct setting for optimum brightness and moderate watering, we recommend specific fertilizers to increase the anthocyanin coloration of the leaves.
In a few weeks you can easily separate the plants by planting them in different pots.
Yours sincerely.