Moss in the meadow

Moss in the meadow

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Question: Meadow with moss

How can I remove the moss from the turf?
Do they have specific products?

Moss in the meadow: Answer: Meadow with moss

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through the "" expert's column.
The presence of moss areas in a meadow is generally considered an index of non-optimal state of the setting of the cultivated grassy species. The main causes can be various: poorly drained or compacted soil, excessive shading, water stagnation, maladjustment of cultivated species and scarce specific supply
fertilizing elements. For this aspect, together with the resolution of agronomic problems, treatments with specific products are possible even though they are
fertilizers, they carry out anti-moss action thus improving the development of cultivated grasslands. As for the fight against moss on the lawn:
We recommend using a specific anti-moss fertilizer, rich in microelements. The best time for treatment is autumn or spring.