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Duke - a hybrid of cherry and sweet cherry

Cherries and cherries are so similar to each other, but so different in taste! Cherries are more sour, tart, and cherries have a sweeter and more tender flesh. Cherries and cherries are usually called differently only in Russian, but in France, Germany and England, these cultures are simply called sour and sweet cherries. I like cherries more, cherries for me are very sour if consumed on their own.
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During the winter months the garden can be bare and gray, since most of the plants are free of flowering, and sometimes even devoid of foliage; to brighten up the most bare areas with a touch of color you can think of planting plants that produce colored berries, so as to have a touch of color even during the coldest and grayest months.
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Apartment plants

Ficus with oleander leaves - Ficus neriifolia

Ficus neriifolia, also called f. with oleander leaves, it is a shrub or small evergreen tree, native to central-southern Asia; in nature the adult specimens remain close to 2 m in height. The stem is thick and erect, well branched, with brownish-gray bark; in adult specimens it tends to detach itself showing lighter areas.
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Let's talk about hoya! I love these plants very much for their unpretentiousness and incredible smell of flowers. Karnosa - each leaf grows for a long time, and lacunosa grows half a meter during this time. And what kind of hoyks do you have? I can say for imperialis - it smells delicious! But only at night from about 11 to 7, during the day there is no smell at all.
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Properties Chives - Allium schoenoprasum

Name: Allium schoenoprasum L. Harvest: In the warmer months. Properties: Diuretic, scorbutic, hypoglycemic, expectorant, laxative, healing, antiseptic. Family: Liliaceae. Common names: thin leek, garlic cipollino, Hungarian ajo. Beurre de Karite: Degradation de l'environnement et risques sanitaires Price
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